Will VR Porn Replace Real Relationships?

Nowadays it seems natural that the Internet and digital technologies have also penetrated in such ​​human relationships as love and sex. Many dating sites offer anyone who wants to find a partner for communication and life. Some people went even further and created VR porn.

What is the difference between VR porn and real dating, and what are the pros & cons of digital sex? Read this article to decide on this issue and give some advices to other users view website. First of all, some important tips to know:

  • The first VR-porn videos dated back to September 2014. That time viewers could not rotate their heads, and the total duration of such videos did not exceed a couple of minutes.
  • In 2015, VR Porn began to appear with viewing angles of 180/360 degrees, and it was possible to watch videos as man or woman.
  • Currently, the most popular are 180 degrees videos, as when watching sex there is no need to look back.

Main Benefits

  • You can choose what content to see. Usually studios offer a very large selection of videos and your task is to choose what you like the most.
  • You can explore the exciting world of sex with effect of presence gradually, slowly, without hastle and without risking, as in real life, not saying what you need, or what you really want to say. You are still an observer, not a participant. Sitting in the glasses, you always have time and the opportunity to think, analyze your thoughts and decide what you feel, what your emotions and desires are at this very moment.
  • In the course of VR coupling by others you can express those thoughts that you would never have decided to make public in real life. You will not see the actors’ reaction to your comments or exclamations – this can be either a positive or a negative side of love.

What are Shortcuts?

  • As for the depth of feelings, they can be compared to those in real life but never equal. However, people are waiting for virtual meetings with each other, counting the days, hours, minutes. And probably glasses will simulate them.
  • Sometimes people can be deluded a bit on what’s going on around, and when it comes to a real meeting, severe disappointment ensues, and the harder it gets, the more you become attached to a movie scenes.
  • Some people may fall in love with an actor. To meet or to date with this person is more than problematic.
  • It shouldn’t become an obsession. Doctors say that a user can’t constantly live in the virtual reality. They recommend people who enjoy cutting edge technologies to do more exercises outside, eat a lot of healthy products, take vacations not less than two times a year.   

So the main conclusion could be that today dating and love on the Internet is a more common phenomenon, and there are more cases when a virtual novel turns into a real one with a happy end. Love with glasses will barely replace human contacts. At the same time it may help to some people to relax and release sexual energy while being single.

Why a Sexual Culture in Japan is So Developed?

Human relations in Japan seem to be much closer. That’s why the accent is always on inner sensitivity, hints and sophisticated game. That applies to the culture of sex too. It’s not explicit but hidden, therefore very developed to be really tangible.

Hostess Bars

We speak about kyabakuras and they are widespread.  By the way, nobody from their staff is called “hostess”. Would you like to learn more details? Here they are:

  • Hostesses in Japan are like a 21st-century geisha working in specialized nightclubs in Tokyo. They are not prostitutes! And for one night spent at such a bar, the client will pay an average of $5000 – $7000. But there is no sex in the menu!
  • So what does lure male clientele? First of all, the company and the illusion. A pleasant conversation with a sweet girl, as well as paying for everything that she orders. F. e. you will not find there a bottle of champagne cheaper than Cristal for $1000.
  • Unlike men in these establishments, women behave much more trivial. Oh yeah! It turns out that in the female world of nightly entertainment, it still sometimes comes to sex, but with mutual consent and very large investments in the process of a flirt. However, it is not acceptable to pay a man for the night of love.
  • Both hosts and hostesses are not limited to providing services only in the club. They can be “rented” for a company, say, go to a restaurant or go shopping, or just take a walk.

Japanese Porn

Have you ever watched it? No? Japanese porn is very quiet and pixelated. You will find close-up shots from different angles and everything you dare to see. But at the same time, the genitalia (of course, with no signs of depilation or minimal grooming) are all fixed. And everything is very quiet. Focused sniffing, like in a library.

The point is an intrigue. An incomplete action. The “sin” is obvious, but it seems like nothing has happened! Thus the very pleasant and sweet process of waiting or anticipation is not over. That’s what they pay money for! How often do we tell ourselves that in any relationship the most beautiful is the period of “hunting”? And lately how often we regret that everything ended too quickly with sex. So people in Japan have built the entire industry of these feelings – the desires to finish, to come.

But what about endorphins, testosterone, and estrogen? Do you know that this country once gave a birth to such a phenomenon like “shunga” or explicit erotic art of 13-19 ages? It also envisaged such a custom as “yobai.” This is when, under the cover of night, a man on a tatami silently came to a woman he liked for sex. And believe us, this still does exist!

What Categories of Porn are the Most Popular in Search Engines

Let’s observe together the most popular requests on porn sites for the last 10 years. Sometimes popular thematic portals publish comprehensive statistics on the interests of users on the “hot” subject.

So what are the most desirable categories of porn? According to the PornHub, they go as follows:

  • “lesbian video” – a real champion in viewing;
  • “milf”  – it’s not a surprise at all: according to scientists, this is the age (30+) when a woman gets maximum pleasure from sex;
  • “amateur video” – quite understandable, we all dream about Hollywood;
  • “young people 18+” – young bodies are always attractive;
  • “mature sex” – like a good wine it really tastes;
  • anal sex – nothing have changed from the time of Ancient Greece;
  • men with penises bigger than usual – it’s content for real gourmets.

And here’s another interesting statistics which we hope will be interesting to you. So according to some researches, the figures are:

  • Women spend on a porn site for 1 min 41s longer than men;
  • Since 2008, users from Russia have been watching videos with anal sex most of all. More precisely, mostly women;
  • 37% of video views in the “gay porn” category are watched by women again, most of them are 45+;
  • People spend the longest time watching a video of the Old / Young category – about 11 minutes. Behind this option are “mature” (10 min 43 s) and “gay porn” (10 min 41 s);
  • The lowest increase in popularity among videos in the category of “romantic sex.” Only 12,5% in 10 years. The most popular – “cunnilingus” – as much as 58,9%. And it, by the way, is good for health!

How to be Unique?

To see your favorite porn, choose something from the appropriate video category on your favorite web platform and enjoy watching the intriguing storyline, starting with sexy moms or explosive machos. It is necessary to w

atch the entire slot from the beginning to the end and choose what will help you relieve sexual tension without a girlfriend or boyfriend, but only through watching the video.

It is very convenient to watch videos by category and not divert your attention to the contemplation of scenes that do not interest you. After all, only the video you like will help get the necessary relaxation and a positive impact on your health. Scientific studies have shown that regular sexual pleasure boosts immunity and prevents stress.

We recommend that you start making love with a partner immediately after choosing the best category on the website. And if for some reason you don’t find a suitable video clip, and you have already tuned to self-satisfaction, we advise you to review the sections of porn and find something suitable there. And, most importantly, do not forget that regular practice makes you more perfect!

Follow your desires. Choose only what you like. There are no rules in sex and lovemaking.

How to Overcome Bans in Countries Where Porn Sites are Blocked

Initially, it was assumed that the Internet is a global network that connects the whole world. However, in reality, many web resources may be blocked in certain regions and countries due to legislative initiatives.

What to do if you still need to get access to a blocked porn site? We have considerable several reliable and effective ways to bypass the blocking of prohibited resources.

 1. Opera

In 2016, the Opera browser received the feature of the built-in VPN. The service is very stable and shows a high connection speed. VPN in this browser can be used absolutely free of charge and without any restrictions.

To activate VPN you need to follow these steps:

  • Open the opera: // settings / page in the browser address bar;
  • Go to “Security” in the left navigation menu;
  • Scroll to the VPN section;
  • Check “Enable” button.

 2. Browser extensions

If you use another browser, then the easiest way to overcome the blocking would be to use the browser extension. Such extensions also encrypt all browser traffic within the current session and do not cover the entire system, but works only with the browser. Here is a list of the most popular free extensions:

  • Traffic Saver (Data Saver) designed for the Google Chrome that reduces the traffic generated by loading pages using Google servers.
  • Browsec VPN is an app for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera that encrypts your Internet traffic hides your IP address and allows you to unblock what is forbidden.
  • friGate is for Chrome and Firefox that works like a proxy for websites that can be blocked on your local provider. Using the list of online resources from this soft allows you to save access and speed of web surfing.
  • ZenMate VPN is an easy way to ensure secure web surfing. The extension encrypts browser traffic, protects Wi-Fi connection, removes regional restrictions, and protects privacy on the world web.

3. VPN Services

VPN services allow you to create a secure encrypted communication channel and replace your virtual location. Thus you can access a banned site simply by selecting a server in the country in which access to the resource is allowed. There are free and paid VPN services. Usually, free services have restrictions on connection speed or volume of traffic.

Typically, such services have a minimalistic interface that allows you to connect to a VPN and choose the location of the server. After the connection is established, all traffic will pass through a secure channel.

CyberGhost VPN provides anonymity and security in virtual life. It uses secure mediators between your gadget and provider to encrypt traffic and spoof a real IP address. So there are many ways to get what you want. Consult with a computer specialist if you need.

In What Countries Watching Porn Movies is Banned?

Experts say that for the first time a law restricting pornography was adopted in England in 1857. It was called something like the law on the publication of obscenity. Almost 10 years later, America adopted the so-called “Mail Act”. This was a law prohibiting the mailing of pornographic materials. And, by the way, it is still valid.

“Porni” means “prostitute” in ancient Greek. Modern pornography tracks back to 18th century, in fact, only because it was first formulated then what it is. Namely, “texts or images, devoid of artistic value, and created solely in order to cause sexual arousal.”

Here are the countries that say “No” to hot scenes in films:

  • North Korea – public executions for distributing porn.

At the end of August 2013, there was news that 10 people were publicly shot in North Korea for the production and distribution of pornography. Whether or not, but even for watching porn in this state there is a penalty. Let us remind you that most of the inhabitants of the country do not have access to the Internet, the right to travel abroad and communicate with tourists. All information about executions comes from refugees.

  • China – keeping porn banned.

The Golden Shield blocks all sites containing adult content. Also in China, the punishment envisaged for the production, sale, and transportation of materials containing porn. If you watch it on the phone, then you break the law. For this, tens of thousands of people have been arrested in the past five years.

  • Russia – legal collision.

The illegal production, distribution, advertising of sexually explicit materials etc. is prohibited; due to the lack of methods of “legal” distribution of such items de facto shooting and selling the porn is completely prohibited.

  • Other states.

There are countries where porn is strictly banned, f. e. Iran or Sri Lanka. In Brazil, it’s allowed, but male actors must use condoms, there is no permission to sell “adult” materials to individuals under 18 years old. In Mexico, New Zealand, or Spain it’s permitted, anyway, sale and display prohibited to children and teens till official maturity age.

The Probability of Punishment for Porn

Catching and punishing a user or watching films for adults online is difficult both technically and psychologically. In the countries listed above, where porn is forbidden, it is still watched by millions of people. And VPN providers earn good money on these bans.

For example, here are 10 countries in terms of the share of sex-related search queries among other queries according to Google:

  • Pakistan;
  • Egypt;
  • Vietnam;
  • Iran;
  • Morocco;
  • India;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • Turkey;
  • Philippines;
  • Poland.

More than half of them are states in which there are religious and/or state prohibitions on watching pornography but people make up different tricks to avoid all bans. However, it’s better not to violate the law to avoid problems.