Why a Sexual Culture in Japan is So Developed?

Human relations in Japan seem to be much closer. That’s why the accent is always on inner sensitivity, hints and sophisticated game. That applies to the culture of sex too. It’s not explicit but hidden, therefore very developed to be really tangible.

Hostess Bars

We speak about kyabakuras and they are widespread.  By the way, nobody from their staff is called “hostess”. Would you like to learn more details? Here they are:

  • Hostesses in Japan are like a 21st-century geisha working in specialized nightclubs in Tokyo. They are not prostitutes! And for one night spent at such a bar, the client will pay an average of $5000 – $7000. But there is no sex in the menu!
  • So what does lure male clientele? First of all, the company and the illusion. A pleasant conversation with a sweet girl, as well as paying for everything that she orders. F. e. you will not find there a bottle of champagne cheaper than Cristal for $1000.
  • Unlike men in these establishments, women behave much more trivial. Oh yeah! It turns out that in the female world of nightly entertainment, it still sometimes comes to sex, but with mutual consent and very large investments in the process of a flirt. However, it is not acceptable to pay a man for the night of love.
  • Both hosts and hostesses are not limited to providing services only in the club. They can be “rented” for a company, say, go to a restaurant or go shopping, or just take a walk.

Japanese Porn

Have you ever watched it? No? Japanese porn is very quiet and pixelated. You will find close-up shots from different angles and everything you dare to see. But at the same time, the genitalia (of course, with no signs of depilation or minimal grooming) are all fixed. And everything is very quiet. Focused sniffing, like in a library.

The point is an intrigue. An incomplete action. The “sin” is obvious, but it seems like nothing has happened! Thus the very pleasant and sweet process of waiting or anticipation is not over. That’s what they pay money for! How often do we tell ourselves that in any relationship the most beautiful is the period of “hunting”? And lately how often we regret that everything ended too quickly with sex. So people in Japan have built the entire industry of these feelings – the desires to finish, to come.

But what about endorphins, testosterone, and estrogen? Do you know that this country once gave a birth to such a phenomenon like “shunga” or explicit erotic art of 13-19 ages? It also envisaged such a custom as “yobai.” This is when, under the cover of night, a man on a tatami silently came to a woman he liked for sex. And believe us, this still does exist!

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