What Categories of Porn are the Most Popular in Search Engines

Let’s observe together the most popular requests on porn sites for the last 10 years. Sometimes popular thematic portals publish comprehensive statistics on the interests of users on the “hot” subject.

So what are the most desirable categories of porn? According to the PornHub, they go as follows:

  • “lesbian video” – a real champion in viewing;
  • “milf”  – it’s not a surprise at all: according to scientists, this is the age (30+) when a woman gets maximum pleasure from sex;
  • “amateur video” – quite understandable, we all dream about Hollywood;
  • “young people 18+” – young bodies are always attractive;
  • “mature sex” – like a good wine it really tastes;
  • anal sex – nothing have changed from the time of Ancient Greece;
  • men with penises bigger than usual – it’s content for real gourmets.

And here’s another interesting statistics which we hope will be interesting to you. So according to some researches, the figures are:

  • Women spend on a porn site for 1 min 41s longer than men;
  • Since 2008, users from Russia have been watching videos with anal sex most of all. More precisely, mostly women;
  • 37% of video views in the “gay porn” category are watched by women again, most of them are 45+;
  • People spend the longest time watching a video of the Old / Young category – about 11 minutes. Behind this option are “mature” (10 min 43 s) and “gay porn” (10 min 41 s);
  • The lowest increase in popularity among videos in the category of “romantic sex.” Only 12,5% in 10 years. The most popular – “cunnilingus” – as much as 58,9%. And it, by the way, is good for health!

How to be Unique?

To see your favorite porn, choose something from the appropriate video category on your favorite web platform and enjoy watching the intriguing storyline, starting with sexy moms or explosive machos. It is necessary to w

atch the entire slot from the beginning to the end and choose what will help you relieve sexual tension without a girlfriend or boyfriend, but only through watching the video.

It is very convenient to watch videos by category and not divert your attention to the contemplation of scenes that do not interest you. After all, only the video you like will help get the necessary relaxation and a positive impact on your health. Scientific studies have shown that regular sexual pleasure boosts immunity and prevents stress.

We recommend that you start making love with a partner immediately after choosing the best category on the website. And if for some reason you don’t find a suitable video clip, and you have already tuned to self-satisfaction, we advise you to review the sections of porn and find something suitable there. And, most importantly, do not forget that regular practice makes you more perfect!

Follow your desires. Choose only what you like. There are no rules in sex and lovemaking.