Will VR Porn Replace Real Relationships?

Nowadays it seems natural that the Internet and digital technologies have also penetrated in such ​​human relationships as love and sex. Many dating sites offer anyone who wants to find a partner for communication and life. Some people went even further and created VR porn.

What is the difference between VR porn and real dating, and what are the pros & cons of digital sex? Read this article to decide on this issue and give some advices to other users view website. First of all, some important tips to know:

  • The first VR-porn videos dated back to September 2014. That time viewers could not rotate their heads, and the total duration of such videos did not exceed a couple of minutes.
  • In 2015, VR Porn began to appear with viewing angles of 180/360 degrees, and it was possible to watch videos as man or woman.
  • Currently, the most popular are 180 degrees videos, as when watching sex there is no need to look back.

Main Benefits

  • You can choose what content to see. Usually studios offer a very large selection of videos and your task is to choose what you like the most.
  • You can explore the exciting world of sex with effect of presence gradually, slowly, without hastle and without risking, as in real life, not saying what you need, or what you really want to say. You are still an observer, not a participant. Sitting in the glasses, you always have time and the opportunity to think, analyze your thoughts and decide what you feel, what your emotions and desires are at this very moment.
  • In the course of VR coupling by others you can express those thoughts that you would never have decided to make public in real life. You will not see the actors’ reaction to your comments or exclamations – this can be either a positive or a negative side of love.

What are Shortcuts?

  • As for the depth of feelings, they can be compared to those in real life but never equal. However, people are waiting for virtual meetings with each other, counting the days, hours, minutes. And probably glasses will simulate them.
  • Sometimes people can be deluded a bit on what’s going on around, and when it comes to a real meeting, severe disappointment ensues, and the harder it gets, the more you become attached to a movie scenes.
  • Some people may fall in love with an actor. To meet or to date with this person is more than problematic.
  • It shouldn’t become an obsession. Doctors say that a user can’t constantly live in the virtual reality. They recommend people who enjoy cutting edge technologies to do more exercises outside, eat a lot of healthy products, take vacations not less than two times a year.   

So the main conclusion could be that today dating and love on the Internet is a more common phenomenon, and there are more cases when a virtual novel turns into a real one with a happy end. Love with glasses will barely replace human contacts. At the same time it may help to some people to relax and release sexual energy while being single.