In What Countries Watching Porn Movies is Banned?

Experts say that for the first time a law restricting pornography was adopted in England in 1857. It was called something like the law on the publication of obscenity. Almost 10 years later, America adopted the so-called “Mail Act”. This was a law prohibiting the mailing of pornographic materials. And, by the way, it is still valid.

“Porni” means “prostitute” in ancient Greek. Modern pornography tracks back to 18th century, in fact, only because it was first formulated then what it is. Namely, “texts or images, devoid of artistic value, and created solely in order to cause sexual arousal.”

Here are the countries that say “No” to hot scenes in films:

  • North Korea – public executions for distributing porn.

At the end of August 2013, there was news that 10 people were publicly shot in North Korea for the production and distribution of pornography. Whether or not, but even for watching porn in this state there is a penalty. Let us remind you that most of the inhabitants of the country do not have access to the Internet, the right to travel abroad and communicate with tourists. All information about executions comes from refugees.

  • China – keeping porn banned.

The Golden Shield blocks all sites containing adult content. Also in China, the punishment envisaged for the production, sale, and transportation of materials containing porn. If you watch it on the phone, then you break the law. For this, tens of thousands of people have been arrested in the past five years.

  • Russia – legal collision.

The illegal production, distribution, advertising of sexually explicit materials etc. is prohibited; due to the lack of methods of “legal” distribution of such items de facto shooting and selling the porn is completely prohibited.

  • Other states.

There are countries where porn is strictly banned, f. e. Iran or Sri Lanka. In Brazil, it’s allowed, but male actors must use condoms, there is no permission to sell “adult” materials to individuals under 18 years old. In Mexico, New Zealand, or Spain it’s permitted, anyway, sale and display prohibited to children and teens till official maturity age.

The Probability of Punishment for Porn

Catching and punishing a user or watching films for adults online is difficult both technically and psychologically. In the countries listed above, where porn is forbidden, it is still watched by millions of people. And VPN providers earn good money on these bans.

For example, here are 10 countries in terms of the share of sex-related search queries among other queries according to Google:

  • Pakistan;
  • Egypt;
  • Vietnam;
  • Iran;
  • Morocco;
  • India;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • Turkey;
  • Philippines;
  • Poland.

More than half of them are states in which there are religious and/or state prohibitions on watching pornography but people make up different tricks to avoid all bans. However, it’s better not to violate the law to avoid problems.